GCC MVNO Insights Report

It has been more than 20 years since the launch of Virgin Mobile in the United Kingdom, the first true MVNO in the world. Over this period, the industry has reached a respectable level of maturity, with around 1,300 MVNOs serving approximately 250 million subscribers in more than 70 markets worldwide*.

The success of the MVNO model varies across markets, with an average of 70 players per market* in developed economies compared to 3 brands or less per GCC market.

The GCC region’s MVNO space has witnessed a resurgence in the recent months with more than 5 new licenses being offered by telecom regulators in 2 key markets.

The restrictions associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are transforming the world. While the telecommunications sector is not immune to its impact, service providers played a crucial role in keeping people connected and businesses functioning. For the sector’s stakeholders (MVNOs, MNOs, Regulators and Investors), understanding the difference between short-term risks and long-term trends is a multi-million-dollar equation.

The aim of this Report is to help navigate this challenge by clarifying the current market landscape, understanding the current opportunities, and generating a set of recommendations for all stakeholders in the MVNO sector.

  • This Report was commissioned by Jawraa, a veteran of the MVNO space in the Arab World.